June 28, 2008

this poost is about chocolate in general. CHOCOLATE IS YUMMY!!!!!!! AND GOOD FOR YOU TOO! (dark chocolate is.) yay chocolate!!!!!!

hot chocolate

June 28, 2008

here is the resipie for hot coco in general. hot chocolate is easey and mostly hase the same resipie.

you will need, one (1) pack or cup full of the poder you will use to make the flavor of the hot chocolate, milk, a cup,a microwave, and a tablespoon. (if you have one of those cup things) first, pour yourself a regular cup or glass of regular milk. (not like half and half) DO NOT DRINK IT UNLESS YOU POURED TOO MUCH!!! put it in hte microwave for about 5-10 minites, or untill it gets hot. then,when you take the milk out, pour the pack or 2-5 tablespoons of hot chocolate into the hot milk. mix with the spoon. now you have a nice hot chocolate! the next part is optional, but i highy recommend it. put wip cream or marshmellows on the hot chocolate for extra yummy goodness! i like to put both. or, if your in the mood for an iced drink, put ice in it! its still good! i didnt try it with the marshmellows or the wip cream though. ;)


June 27, 2008

chocolatepage vewers, please note that the comments will only be acepted if they are about the post. people like to do somthing like “hey ikitkat nice post!” and such, but THEY WILL BE ERASED! Jen, please note that yours was okay, but it was about chocolate in genral. i have a post for chocolate in genral now that i saw your comment there. hers said, “i like dark chocolate, but my husband wont let me eat it.” and people who know me by my real name, please dont write it. please write ikitkat instead. thanks! 🙂

p.s. Jen, your huband is missing out!


June 13, 2008

name ur fave tipe of coco and ill post it on here and how to make it too! this is mine. la parisiene couture coca. (by coco and coca i mean hot chocolate)

Hello world!

June 13, 2008

hi. this is my first post. this webstite is about chocolate and cool stuff about it. im new here and i hope you like my blog. i am 11 yrs old and loves chocolate. i am doing this with my friends. i go on clubpenguin a lot and my penguin name is aniandina. hope u like this blog!